Lou Dobbs says ‘hell with’ Senate second round, calls Georgians ‘stupid’

Pro-Trump Fox Business host Lou Dobbs apparently rejected Georgia’s next decisive Senate races Thursday night, while simultaneously accusing state citizens of “stupid”, adding that they are not ” half as smart as I think they are. “

Interviewing former Trump attorney Sidney Powell, whose “Kraken” lawsuits alleging a baseless electoral fraud conspiracy have now all been dismissed out of court, Dobbs hoped QAnon’s attorney could still provide evidence to the support of its unbalanced assertions. (Powell insists that long-dead Hugo Chavez has colluded with George Soros and China to return millions of votes to President-elect Joe Biden via corrupt election software.)

“Let me make you an offer very simply. We will be happy to present your evidence to support your claim that this was a cyber Pearl Harbor, ”Dobbs told Powell. “We already have huge evidence of fraud in this election, but I will be happy to feature on this show the evidence you have, and we will be happy to do so immediately, we will work overnight. We will resume all the air authorized beyond this broadcast.

The Fox Business figure, who also serves as an informal adviser to the president, then became extremely animated after Powell began to answer his question about the nation’s “upholding the integrity and energy” of the nation. need to change electoral laws in Georgia.

“Well, it’s gonna be great, Sidney!” Dobbs exclaimed. “I have to tell you, ooh, I’m not even going to consider the next election, I am not even considering the January 5 election in Georgia. Damn with that!

“If the people in Georgia are stupid enough, after what they went through in the November 3 election and then go around January 5 in a second round and think that nothing changing will change the result, then the Georgian people do not isn’t half as smart as I think they are, ”the conservative host added.

Dobbs, meanwhile, continued to simmer Biden’s electoral victory in the state, which has now undergone multiple recounts (including a manual recount), an audit and has been certified three times.

“And I believe the patriots of Georgia should stop this nonsense now,” he grumbled. “It’s not something that could be decided on who you prefer, which party, which candidate. Now it is about trusting the electoral system of a specific state that can control the fate of that country. “

“And, by God, that’s too important to anyone, and I don’t care what party you’re in,” Dobbs concluded. “I don’t care if you are independent. It’s too important to pretend nothing happened on November 3 and to pretend there would be a different outcome on January 5. It’s silly!

The Trump host who appears to be sweeping next month’s run-off, which will determine which party controls the Senate, comes in the wake of Powell and Trumpist lawyer Lin Wood urging voters not to run for office unless they do. a special legislative session is called to investigate Trump. defeat in the state. Brian Kemp, the state’s Republican governor, has so far resisted the request, angering Trump and his allies.

Dobbs has been one of the strongest supporters of the president’s attempt to overturn the will of the people and annul the election. Fox’s personality accused Attorney General William Barr of being part of the “deep state” after Barr said the Justice Department found no evidence of widespread fraud that changed elections. He also said the Supreme Court was “cowardly” and lacking the “courage” not to accept the Republicans’ offer to reject the results of the Pennsylvania election in early December.

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