Louisiana soldier dragged black man Rodney Greene ‘on his stomach’ before dying, records show

Ronald Greene spent his last moments being kicked, dragged “over his stomach by leg chains” and repeatedly cursed by a Louisiana State soldier who was suspended without notice. salary, according to internal bomb archives obtained by the Associated Press.

Greene, a 49-year-old black barber, died in a high-speed chase near Monroe in May 2019. initially claimed Greene crashed and was “dead on impact “, Then told an emergency room doctor that he was” involved in a struggle with [] where he was assigned three times.

But Greene was actually beaten to a pulp and still had two Taser probes stuck in his back when he arrived at the hospital, where he was pronounced dead, according to a medical report. His injuries Greene’s doctor and family to be skeptical of the events leading up to his death.

Now, in State ’s first acknowledgment that Greene was mistreated while in custody, it emerged that Master Trooper Kory York was suspended without pay for 50 hours following an internal investigation.

York turned off his own body camera on his way to the scene, but another soldier, Chris Hollingsworth, had his. refused to release the footage, but it reportedly showed York dragging Greene across the floor and cursing him.

“You’re going to lie on your fucking stomach like I told you,” York said, according to police records obtained by AP.

York told investigators her body camera was beeping and her “mind was on something else” beyond making sure it was on.

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