LUXOME LAYR adjustable pillow review

As a restless sleeper from birth, I can certainly attest that better sleep starts with good bedding. Recently, switching to refreshing sheets, for example, has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, as the cotton sheets I’ve been using for years still let me sweat (and be awake for long hours. ) the night.

Aside from the sheets, I was recently looking for a new pillow that offers the essential support I need for a good night’s sleep, but with added cooling benefits. After all, I haven’t changed the little double pillow I’ve slept on since college, and the many irremovable mascara stains tell me it’s time to go in the trash. Luckily, I wouldn’t have to search high and low for a brand new pillow, because once the LUXOME LAYR Adjustable Pillow arrived at my doorstep, I was treated to a pillow experience like no other.

Unlike many pillows from my youth, this deluxe queen-size pillow (also available in king size) offers three different pillows in one, each with a different level of firmness, allowing you to create your own pillow based on your sleeping habits. sleep. The included soft pillow is made with alternative down filling, while the medium pillow contains refreshing, gel-infused memory foam for warm sleepers like yours. Finally, for maximum support, the third firm pillow is made with 100% gel infused memory foam and comes wrapped in an outer cover that secures all of your pillows in one neat, sleepable package.

Now, how does this pillow fit into my routine? Since this LUXOME product contains three pillows in one, I admit being quite confused when it arrived, as I mistakenly assumed that all three pillows need to be stacked for the pillow to work. However, after taking the time to carefully read the product instructions, I realized that it was crucial to explore the combination of pillows that best suited my needs, because when the different pillows are paired, each combination offers different heights and user benefits. .

As mentioned before, I’m a pretty hot sleeper – like the kind of hot sleeper who has to wash my sheets frequently because of all the sweat they trap. With that in mind, I found that pairing the soft and medium pillow was the right combination for me, as it was not only super plush for sleeping, but also extremely refreshing when paired with a pillowcase. refreshing.

Even though I don’t sleep with the firm pillow, it is very convenient for other purposes. These include moments of relaxation on the sofa or long journeys by car in the passenger seat. I’m not sure if I’ll ever sleep on it, because of its firmness, but it’s nice to know there’s an extra pillow in the house, just in case.

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