MAGA fanatics descend on Detroit vote-counting site as Biden wins in Michigan

DETROIT – After Democrats and Republicans sent their 134 allocated “challengers” to a counting site on Wednesday, election officials banned other outside challengers from entering.

The cap on poll observers was state regulated. But in line with growing GOP panic that the continuation of the count could endow Democratic challenger Joe Biden with the presidency, a crowd of crowd-like Republicans shouted ‘stop voting’ and ‘let us inOutside the building where critical mail ballots were still being counted.

Biden was due to beat President Donald Trump in Michigan on Wednesday, after Trump falsely declared a national victory and announced his intention to prevent the counting of all ballots. Throughout the day, Trump and other Republicans peddled baseless allegations of voter fraud, such as falsely claiming that Biden’s gains came from fake ballots, or that a mistake with the Sharpie marker voided some. pro-Trump votes in Arizona.

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