MAGA Mob Storming Capitol ‘peaceful’ is a ‘huge victory’

With thousands of pro-Trump protesters crushing police at the United States Capitol and entering the highly secure building, several Fox News hosts and reporters first went out of their way to describe the MAGA mob that took to task. assault the chambers of Congress as “peaceful”.

Following President Donald Trump’s raging “Stop the Steal” speech in which he urged his supporters to march to Capitol Hill and “fight” for him and his willingness to reverse his electoral defeat, the massive crowd stormed the Capitol building, injuring police officers, and causing the evacuation of many offices due to potential threats.

Congress also had to halt debate over the Electoral College vote as protesters entered chambers and Vice President Mike Pence was finally evacuated to safety.

As Capitol Police locked the building as protests erupted, Fox News anchor Bret Baier first argued on air that “it doesn’t appear to be violent.”

“It’s not like it’s a siege, it doesn’t seem like they are protesting,” he shrugged again.

Martha MacCallum, another hard news anchor, echoed Baier’s comments as they broadcast scenes of chaos and reported that a police officer had just been blown away, adding that “it remained peaceful”.

Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins, who was on the streets outside the Capitol, also reiterated that everything was fine.

“It’s been peaceful, everything we’ve seen so far has been peaceful, but they’re definitely on fire,” he said. “The chants I heard the most today were ‘Fight for Trump’. That’s what many are thinking of doing here, protesting, we’ll see where the day goes.

However, Baier broke in at that time to note that although they “say it is peaceful, we have some reports of people injured in this breach of security.” He also reported that protesters had entered the building and that the police presence had been stepped up.

Fox News correspondent Chad Pergram broke into some reality a little later, telling viewers that “the crowd has passed the Electoral College certification process – security here on the United States Capitol has failed.

“Chuck Grassley, third in line after the president, said protesters were inside the building, security here has failed completely,” he added. “It is a problem.”

MacCallum, however, still found a way to put a positive spin on the anti-democratic riot that was unfolding before their eyes.

“There is tear gas in the rotunda, members are told to put gas masks under their seats, the other question, where is the vice president?” MacCallum said. “We were told he was kicked out of the room.”

“That answers the question, I was under the assumption that they would be safe in the room, that was before we realized that people had entered the building and were crossing the rotunda,” he said. – she concluded.

“It’s a huge victory for these protesters. They disrupted the system enormously! “

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