Magazine describes Hunter Biden as struggling artist instead of DOJ and Meth Addict investigative target

I thought it was “Groundhog Day”. Only in this version, Punxsutawney Phil had an addiction disorder, bad child support deal with a former stripper, and a lost laptop that could make life hell for his high-profile dad.

In early March – as I was probably better off to worry about – I was obsessed with a ridiculous New York Times track by Adam Popescu about Robert Hunter Biden – the 50-year-old son of then-Democratic leader Joe Biden – who was starting a career as an artist.

We didn’t talk much about what art looked like, because it looked a lot like this:

TREND: Bare-chested man seen wearing horns in Vice President Pence’s presidency arrested on federal charges

Hey, I had these backgrounds on my iPhone 4s too!

Regardless, the article mainly focused on how Hunter Biden was trying to heal through art and how evil Republicans continued to call for an investigation into his work for Ukrainian energy company Burisma even though , according to the Times, “There has been no evidence of any wrongdoing by Mr. Biden related to his business dealings in Ukraine. “

There hadn’t been any serious investigation into this either, but hey …

The play barely got into the more nude side of Biden’s life other than being a drug addict – which, that’s terrible, but the fact that he fathered a child out of wedlock with a dancer. adult and tried to avoid paying child support in any way possible was hardly discussed, as was any discussion of his foreign relations without saying there was no evidence to support it of their review.

Well, in the meantime, Biden had been the target of a tax evasion investigation for these overseas transactions for quite some time and he also forgot a laptop with some pretty important information that was part of that investigation. .

Vanity Fair’s Emily Kirkpatrick knew this when she wrote a play in December about her first solo art show!

Note that the article was a composite of other articles, in particular the first New York Post report. However, she was a little easier on him than the Post – and really, who isn’t? – writing that Biden “not only has a Justice Department investigation into his taxes to contend with, but also his first solo art show to prepare for next year.”

“The son of the president-elect is said to be signing an agreement to be represented as an artist by the Georges Bergès gallery in New York with a solo exhibition in preparation for next year,” she wrote, citing the Post report.

“The venture capitalist turned artist, whose studio is in the pool house of his Hollywood Hills home, creates his work with a metal straw he uses to blow alcohol ink onto Yupo paper. Japanese, creating abstract layers of color and concentric circles, ”she noted.

She also used one of the most laudatory quotes from the New York Times article, the one where he said his painting “puts my energy into something positive,” adding that “it takes me away from people and places I shouldn’t be. “

“The only thing I have left is my art. It’s the one thing they can’t take away from me or confuse with anything else, ”he says.

In fact, they can take it away from you for a few years if you are convicted of tax evasion.

She mentioned the tax evasion investigation again and then confused it with this: “He also made a very influential opponent in the art world – Jerry Saltz.

The New York Magazine reviewer dubbed his work “Generic illustration of post-zombie formalism” and added, “The background doesn’t always have to be white, big baby.”

In fact, Saltz was a bit nastier than that if you read Artnet’s article in which he offered his assessment of the art of Hunter Biden.

“Lose the big signature at once; completely forget about Kusama points; experiment with surface, color and tools. Really think of the whole page as a space and don’t make everything derivative of the all-over composition.

By “Kusama dots” he talks about Yayoi Kusama, the Japanese abstract artist who combines an aesthetic “that could have been done by my child” with one “that could have been made. for my child ”a:

Scott Indrisek, former associate editor of Artsy, was less nice.

“Hunter’s paintings have a sort of vaguely scientific, vaguely psychedelic vibe that reminds me of Fred Tomaselli – if Fred Tomaselli started doing art for dermatologist waiting rooms,” he says.

Just to keep us on the same page:

“But then again, the process here seems more important than the finished product,” Indrisek continued. “I guess it’s important that injured men of a certain age and from privileged backgrounds have the opportunity to creatively find each other… it’s a shame that everyone is supposed to pay attention.

Also, Vanity Fair and the New York Post missed out on the best anecdote of Artnet’s coverage of Hunter Biden, this one of a story from January 2, 2020 that dealt with how he made his debut in the world of art (in addition to having a wealthy father and a banking name).

“For a period in 2018, Biden could be seen stopping at art openings and parties on the Lower East Side, and attended a runway for trendy downtown fashion label Lou Dallas,” said they reported. “Sources said that many of her connections to the art world stemmed from her relationship with Zoe Kestan, the lingerie entrepreneur who is best known by her Instagram handle @ weed_slut_420.”

It sounds a bit like “Groundhog Day” too, if you ask me.

This article was originally published in the Western Journal.

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