Mailchimp joins Big Tech Censors, says it will ban accounts that distribute ‘deceptive’ content – Dateway

Mailchimp has joined the Big Tech censorship purge by announcing it will ban users who post “deceptive” content, a wholly arbitrary definition that will no doubt be open to partisan abuse.

The mass messaging service updated its terms of service to state that it “does not authorize the distribution of content that is, in our sole discretion, materially false, inaccurate, or misleading, in any way that could deceive or confuse others about important events. , subjects or circumstances. “

In other words, if a single far-left Mailchimp employee decides they’re offended by your conservative content, they can ban you entirely and flush your carefully constructed subscriber database down the toilet.

Press For Truth and SGT Report said their accounts were deactivated after the terms of service change.

“I feel like this is my data,” Dicks said. “I was using it as a hedge against upcoming censorship and they just shot me.”

“Mention of ‘important’ events, etc., and the message surrounding them being protected in this manner is a shortcut for political matters – but declaring Mailchimp’s right to ban content ‘in its sole discretion’ states clearly and confirms the arbitrariness of all this, ”Reclaim the Net reports.

Mailing lists are one of the few platforms that has remained open for people banned from other social media networks to stay in touch with their fan base.

Only your patronage to our store is what keeps this beacon of truth lit in narrative controlled darkness.

Now these also seem to be on the chopping block.



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