Majority of Britons back government making coronavirus vaccine mandatory – Dateway

A new YouGov poll reveals that a majority of Britons support the government making the coronavirus vaccine mandatory.

Participants were asked: “Once a vaccine for the coronavirus is available, would you support or oppose the government making it legally compulsory to vaccinate all people in Britain?”

49% support making it mandatory, while 34% oppose the idea. 17% say they don’t know.

When broken down into political persuasion, more Conservative Party supporters (54%) support making it mandatory compared to Labor Party supporters (46%).

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The poll results should be viewed with the proviso that some people are obviously telling pollsters what they think they want to hear.

Other polls have shown that a majority of Britons support the lockdown and want even tougher measures, although when asked to be honest about whether they have personally respected them, only 18% said have done it.

As previously noted, UK MP Tom Tugendhat said employees should not be able to return to work until they take the COVID vaccine, while Health Secretary Matt Hancock said refused to exclude to make it mandatory.

Meanwhile, the Danish government was forced to give up giving authorities the power to forcibly inject people after nine days of protests.

Ticket companies and the airline industry have suggested they consider making proof of having taken the vaccine a condition of being allowed to enter venues or fly on a plane.



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