Man returning to Canada refuses COVID test at airport – Dateway

After the introduction of a new policy requiring Canadians to take a COVID test at an airport to determine if they will need to be quarantined at a government facility, a viral video clip shows a man refusing to take the test before going be fined.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau outlined the details of the new policy in a tweet yesterday afternoon.

“Update: If you return to Canada you will need to show a negative PCR test result before boarding the plane – and from today you will need to take another PCR test on landing . You will then have to wait at an approved hotel, at your expense, for the results of your tests, ”Trudeau tweeted.

Under the rule, if the test is negative, Canadians are still forced to quarantine their homes, a policy that will be “enforced” according to Trudeau.

Those who test positive for COVID-19 are forced to quarantine themselves at “designated government facilities” for 14 days. Another PCR test is then necessary towards the end of the quarantine.

However, a video clip posted to Instagram by Chris Sky shows him arriving at an airport in Canada and refusing to take the test. The video has been viewed over 500,000 times.

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“I’ve got my bags, we’re going to go out and deny their stupid test and tell everyone to refuse their stupid test,” Sky said in the clip.

The video shows Sky being asked why he isn’t wearing a mask before explaining to officials that the COVID test is a “violation of Section 6 of our charter and a violation of Emergency Law 14.1 – so I will refuse your test today. “

Sky then tells the other people in the queue to decline the test if they are Canadian citizens, claiming “they can’t stop you, they can’t force you, you are a citizen, you have rights “.

Police then ask Sky for ID before asking him again if he refuses to take the test.

“I refuse to pass your million percent test,” he replies.

After learning he was getting a ticket, police refuse to say how many people have been “convicted”, with Sky insisting the number is “zero”.

“Why? It’s a violation of our Charter rights, so when this violation goes to court, they dismiss it – it’s that simple,” Sky says.

After receiving a fine, Sky was presumably allowed to leave the airport and return to Canada without being tested for COVID or being ordered to quarantine.



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