Marco Rubio praises the Texas MAGA trailer that invaded the Biden bus, saying ‘We love what they did’

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has apparently joined Donald Trump in supporting vehicular intimidation of political rivals just days before the presidential election.

Hours after President Trump defended a group of his supporters who were seen swarming a campaign bus from Biden in Texas over the weekend, forcing the Democratic nominee to cancel a rally event, the Republican lawmaker also supported the harassment – and stressed that “we love what they did.

During a Sunday night rally for Trump’s re-election campaign at Miami-Opa-Locka Executive Airport, Rubio referred to video showing a blockade of pro-Trump protesters ambushing a Biden-Harris campaign bus and allegedly trying to force him off the road. .

“I saw a video of these people in Texas yesterday,” Rubio told a large crowd, mostly without masks. “Did you see it? All the cars on the road, we love what they’ve done.

The Republican lawmaker then tried to justify the harassment that led to the cancellation of a rally in what has become a key battlefield state ahead of Tuesday’s presidential election. In several videos posted to Twitter, a group of cars – many of which are adorned with Trump flags – are seen riding and boxing on Biden’s campaign bus as he was driven from San Antonio to Austin. At one point in one video, a pickup truck can be seen colliding with an SUV driving behind the Biden campaign vehicle.

Currently, polls showing the typically red fortress only marginally favoring the president.

“We do this every day in Florida,” Rubio added. “I love to see the parades of boats … We thank all the great patriots.”

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