Marjorie Taylor Greene demonizes high tech. She and her husband just sold up to $ 210,000 in tech stocks.

When running for office, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has consistently upset tech giants like Facebook for supposedly censoring and silencing pro-Trump Republicans, and vowed to fight what she called the “Silicon Valley cartel” after being elected to Congress.

During his first two months on Hill, Greene intensified the anti-tech rhetoric heavily. But shortly after being sworn in, she discreetly moved to get rid of large stocks in the same companies she so vehemently denounced, resulting in a healthy sum.

According to her latest financial disclosure form, released on February 19, Greene and her husband sold between $ 49,000 and $ 210,000 in shares of Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon on January 20.

It’s unclear exactly how much Greene and her husband, Perry, made from the stocks of each , as congressional forms only list wide ranges of value, but it can reach $ 65,000 each for the four tech stocks. Some shares were jointly owned by the couple and others were owned only by her husband.

Greene’s only other public financial disclosure form, filed in May 2020 while she was a , lists joint or spousal ownership of up to $ 65,000 in Apple shares, $ 30,000 in Facebook shares, $ 30,000 in Amazon shares and $ 15,000. in Google actions. The couple sold those holdings in January at a profit – the official form shows capital gains over $ 200 – but the exact figure is unknown.

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