Martha’s Vineyard COVID-19 Fury ‘Superspreader’ Wedding Sparks

A Martha’s Vineyard wedding earlier this month is turning into super-spreader status, causing the island to experience its first cluster of cases since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and send the destination known for its elite visitors and lush, spinning vacations.

Locals have every reason to be scared, given the now famous August wedding in Maine that led to 170 infections, killing eight people who did not even attend the reception. Another regional group, linked to a church rally in September in Nantucket, also made headlines and the fury that accompanied it.

Perhaps most blatantly: The Martha’s Vineyard epidemic seemed to be hitting people who worked marriage harder than the participants themselves. Tisbury’s health worker and health boards spokesperson Maura Valley told the Daily Beast on Wednesday that five of the nine patients who had tested positive so far were marriage workers, while the four others were guests or were part of the wedding party.

Outrage quickly exploded in the community.

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