Mask-mad Nazis turn ballistic on men drinking coffee without a mask – Dateway

Footage from a train at New York Penn Station shows a disturbed pair of masked women harassing a group of men trying to drink their coffee.

Video taken by Conservative Ashley St. Clair shows women wearing masks and face shields berating men for not wearing masks while enjoying their drinks.

One of the women, apparently a Twitter reporter named Sandi Bachom, suggested that her views on COVID mitigation behaviors mattered because she had “70,000 followers.”

“Sensational!” a replied sarcastically.


The woman then tried to talk about St. Clair and the other men to the conductor, who luckily did not appear to be indulging in the woman’s madness.

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“Do you want me to call the police?” If you don’t want the police, just go back to your , ”he told her.

The woman quickly identified St. Clair and began to harass her about the recording of the incident as well, calling her a “Nazi” and a “doxxing bitch”.

After talking to a nearby, she , “She put the video of me… get away from me!” Get away from me!

“Never talk to me like that,” the . “Don’t swear on me.

“MAGA asshole!” cried the woman.

Just typical behavior of unbalanced leftists filmed.

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“You are a Trump supporter. That’s why you save him because you hate Mexicans, just like him! says a Antonio woman who was forced to confront a couple without a mask at a Walmart.

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