McConnell shuts down Democrats, says he won’t summon Senate over Trump impeachment – Dateway

The office of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell released a statement rejecting calls by Democrats to reconvene the Senate in an emergency session to impeach President Trump by January 20.

McConnell’s office sent a note to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY) claiming Republicans would not agree to an emergency session on Friday to allow House Democrats to present an impeachment article to the Senate while Trump is still in office.

“Even though we started a trial yesterday, there is not enough time to remove him from his post,” an official in McConnell’s office said in the statement.

“This would require the consent of the 100 senators to conduct business of any kind during the pro forma sessions scheduled before January 19,” the memo reads.

“The Senate trial would therefore begin after President Trump’s tenure expires – either one hour after its expiration on January 20, or twenty-five hours after its expiration on January 21,” he said.

The announcement effectively derails Democratic hopes of successfully impeaching Donald Trump, according to constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

“There will be no trial,” Dershowitz said on Saturday. “The Senate will never have a trial because as soon as possible a trial would take place at 1 p.m. on January 20, when Donald Trump becomes a private citizen.

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“And the jurisdiction of Congress does not extend to private citizens. If that’s the case, if you can indict and deport a private citizen in order to prevent them from running against the president, you can indict me. “

“So under the absurd notion put forward by some senators and experts, you can try someone after leaving the office of the president, that would mean that 350 million people would be subject to impeachment and” removal or disqualification from office. ” “. “

Even though the Senate somehow managed to vote to impeach Trump in time, it still hasn’t committed unpayable offenses as the Constitution provides.

[Trump] gave a speech similar to those made by many people over the past 100 years, labor leaders, civil rights leaders, Klan leaders – good and bad, both – who say, “ Go to Capitol Hill, protest, go to the Capitol, fight back, ‘and what happened in the Capitol is, of course, a total disaster, and the people who did it should be prosecuted to the end, but continue the speaker would violate the fundamental principles of free speech that we have for many decades and many generations.

The House is still debating whether to impeach Trump.

President Donald Trump addresses the nation from the southern border where he reiterated the peace-keeping movement to empower the American people.

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