Media ‘plays games’ after US election

Sky News host Chris Kenny said there were “games being played by the media” because Time Magazine’s coverage after the 2020 election was markedly different from that of 2016 which featured the White House “taken under Russian influence “. While the election has yet to be officially certified, Joe Biden has been declared president-elect after performing well in a number of swing states. Mr Biden reclaimed the Blue Wall – Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – that Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. However, the Trump campaign has launched a series of mail-in electoral fraud lawsuits. Mr Kenny said it was interesting to watch “the media games being played” during this time of conflict. “You take a look at the latest edition of Time Magazine and it’s a wonderful cover calling for unity and healing in the United States, exactly the kind of Time Magazine cover Joe Biden would like to see” , did he declare. “You go back four years and shortly after Trump’s inauguration, look at the front cover, you have the White House taken over by St. Basil in Russia. They took the White House under Russian influence. “There wasn’t too much unity and healing back then.” .

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