Medusa is back, upright and complicated in the #MeToo era

Collect Pond Park in downtown New York is a middle ground, squeezed between a few places no one wants to go. It is a strip of greenery surrounded by concrete which is bordered by various courthouses. Most of the people who walk work nearby and they tend to cut quickly. But the addition of a new sculpture, posed directly in front of Manhattan Criminal Court last week, changed that. In the middle of the park benches, in front of a few shrubs overgrown with vegetation, Medusa with the head of Perseus stands on a small pedestal.

Luciano Garbati’s 7 foot tall bronze coin depicts Greek myth as a vengeance fantasy. Like a still image from a Quentin Tarantino film, Garbati’s sculpture exudes both stern ferocity and ripe sex appeal. Medusa is supple, toned and nude. Her eyes stare at the viewer, and with a man’s head hanging from one hand with a sword in the other, she seems like a challenge, “You are next. “

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