Meet the Mama’s Boys of Donald Trump’s Chickenshit Army

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Jacob Anthony Chansley, the self-proclaimed 33-year-old “QAnon Shaman” seen in face paint and animal skins during the violent pro- insurgency on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, hasn’t eaten a bite since he turned into the on .

This is because, according to his mother Martha, Jacob, the breast-beating revolutionary becomes “very sick” if he does not maintain a fully organic diet. Martha is proud of her nice boy, telling reporters that it takes courage to be a “patriot”. Maybe not as much courage as it takes for a person to eat the same prison food that they serve everyone, but still!

Eric Gavelek Munchel, 30, a bartender from Nashville, Tennessee, was pictured during the riot inside the capital wearing buckles and a gun, in full tactical gear. Also with Eric was Lisa Eisenhart, his 57-year-old mom, who drove with him from Tennessee. Now that her sweet little guy is in federal custody and charged with several crimes, Eisenhart says the couple had no “bad” intentions. The riot was like a mother-son dance, except the men are in their 30s and carry guns.

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