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The Black Lives Matter riots and looting in Philadelphia on Monday night were sparked in response to police shooting a career criminal with a long record who charged them with a knife.

Walter Wallace Jr, 27, has so many photos that I couldn’t fit them all into one properly sized header image.

The media, which did everything in their power to ignore or cover up the BLM riots in Philly, chose to use what appears to be a prom photo of Wallace in their stories – which no dared not use the “R -word” (ie riots) despite having more than a dozen photos at their disposal.

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Deanna Lorraine reports riots that tore Philadelphia apart

Wallace had a criminal record so far that I can’t even find everything.

Here’s how Wallace chose to portray himself in one of his music videos where he was seen waving and shooting a large assortment of guns and handguns while his friends pose with skull masks.

The media reported this story as if Wallace was a mentally disabled person shot by police simply because he was black (Wallace’s mother said he had “mental problems”).

Thirty police officers were injured in the riots on Monday evening and one police officer was run over with a truck.

UPDATE: Local news station WPVI on Tuesday night finally broke the wall of media silence by covering (part of) Wallace’s criminal history.

From WPVI:

Court records show Wallace is currently awaiting trial for allegedly threatening to shoot a woman and her home.

In 2017, he pleaded guilty to theft, and possession of an instrumentality after breaking down the door of another woman and putting a gun to her head.

He was sentenced to 11-23 months behind bars.

And in 2013, he pleaded guilty to and resisting arrest after punching a police officer in the face.

UPDATE II: NBC Philly has more buried at the bottom of an article on the case:

He was arrested in March after allegedly threatening the mother of his child over the phone, saying, “I will shoot you and this house.”

In 2019, he was charged with resisting his arrest by “kicking the windows and door panels of a police patrol ”.

In 2016, during a robbery, he allegedly grabbed a woman by the neck and held what she believed to be a gun to her head, court records show.

In 2013, Wallace’s mother had a protection against him which he allegedly violated when he “threw water in her face and punched her in the face” and “threatened to come back and to shoot him, ”according to court records.

Of course, we can’t let any of this get in the way of Black Lives Matter and the media proclaiming its holiness!

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