Megacorporations threaten to stop buying GOP representatives as punishment for Capitol protests – Dateway

Globalist mega-corporations are threatening to cut money from the bribes they pay GOP members in the House and Senate as punishment for them providing any support to the Capitol protest last week.

It’s pretty much a dream come true, as it could finally give the anti-establishment contenders vying for 2022 a chance to compete with the GOP’s bought and sold establishment cronies.

From WSJ, “Capitol Riot: See the Complete List of Companies That Stop PAC Donations”:

Dozens of major U.S. corporations have suspended political donations in the wake of the deadly Capitol Riot, and many have said they will stop supporting Republicans who oppose President-elect Joe Biden’s certification of victory over Donald Trump.

Major political donors – from banking giant JPMorgan Chase & Co. to Pentagon entrepreneur Raytheon Technologies Co. – have said they are suspending contributions from their political action committees while they scrutinize the politicians they support and why. Most are suspending all donations, but at least a dozen companies, including AT&T Inc. and Walmart Inc., have specifically said they will not contribute to lawmakers who challenged the constituency votes for Mr Biden.

Here is a list of companies that withdraw / stop their bribes:

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Oh no, what will we do without Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Comcast and Raytheon buying our members of Congress!?!?

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Please no!


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