Merkel says big tech shouldn’t have the power to decide who has free speech – Dateway

German Chancellor Angela Merkel slammed Twitter for banning President Trump, saying social media should not have the power to decide who is allowed to exercise free speech.

Twitter banned Trump on Friday night after blaming him for instigating an assault on Capitol Hill by some of his supporters, though Trump himself called on officials to “go home.”

Facebook has also indefinitely suspended Trump, who has also been misrepresented by a number of other services.

The actions have been widely welcomed by leftists on all sides, although Angela Merkel is now sounding the alarm bells.

The German leader said the ban was “problematic” because freedom of opinion is a fundamental right “of basic importance”.

“This fundamental right can be intervened, but according to the law and within the framework defined by the legislators – not according to a decision of the management of the social media platforms,” ​​said a spokesperson on behalf of Merkel.

“Seen from this angle, the Chancellor considers it problematic that the accounts of the US president are now permanently blocked,” the statement added.

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Following speculation that Trump would switch to the competing social media network, Parler, Apple and Google have banned it from their app stores and Amazon server hosting, meaning the website is now offline.



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