Michael McDonald, the shady ex-cop behind Trump’s Nevada election fraud prank

LAS VEGAS – Donald Trump couldn’t have found a better MAGA minion to lead his scam snipe hunt in Nevada than Michael McDonald.

Ex-cop with a long history of ethical tangles, suspicious friendships and outright scandals, McDonald – now chairman of the State Republican Party – is made to order to represent the Trump brand. Along with the failure of gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt, McDonald is leading the scattered team of Trump loyalists who are surfing unfounded allegations and lawsuits that continue to be torn apart by State Attorney General Aaron Ford and crushed by the court.

Widespread voter fraud made possible by a lack of count observers? Nope. Armies of out-of-state Democrats flock to Nevada to vote? Try again. Would you believe that deadly crowds turned out for Joe Biden in the Silver State? They did not do it.

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