Michigan attorney general wants to dismantle Sidney Powell, pro-Trump lawyers

Michigan Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel said she was pursuing sanctions and even deregistration against Sidney Powell and other pro-Trump attorneys who she said “wasted court time” with allegations ” unfounded ”fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Nessel, who before being elected attorney general worked as an attorney for LGBT rights, says the sanctions against Powell and others who have brought allegations of massive electoral tampering and fraud into Michigan courtrooms do not go far enough and claim that pro-Trump lawyers violated their constitution. oath and should be permanently banned from practicing law in the state.

“These are blatant lies that Ms. Powell is bringing to the United States Supreme Court on all sides in some cases. It’s disturbing and it undermines our entire profession, and she needs to be held accountable, ”Nessel told reporters in Detroit. “We would call for action to be taken against its legal license, including a potential delisting.”

Nessel also says lawyers should be forced to pay court costs for election-related lawsuits.

In addition to Powell, Nessel named attorney Matthew DePerno as one of his targets. DePerno, a Michigan-based constitutional attorney, represented voters in County Antrim after Dominion Voting Systems software shifted more than 6,000 votes for President Trump to Joe Biden’s column, overturning the election result across the board. county.

Although Nessel made an effort to portray his attacks on Powell and others as some sort of Puritan defense of the legal system, most believe that political motivation is central to their action, as Nessel has been a longtime opponent. and vocal to President Trump.

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Just days after polling day and before virtually any argument had been heard in court, Nessel had already covered court challenges in the contested states with the descriptor of ‘unfounded’ and compared election protesters to the Mafia . In May of this year, she publicly called President Trump a “petulant child who refuses to follow the rules” for not wearing a mask during part of his visit to a Ford plant in Michigan.

In addition to Nessel’s efforts to dismantle the pro-Trump lawyers, Robert Davis of Wayne County, a convicted felon, is also calling for them to be struck off. Davis, who spent 18 months in federal prison for stealing $ 200,000 from school children, has been called a “serial litigant” by locals – though he believes himself to be a “government watchdog” and a “cross”.

“It is unfathomable that licensed attorneys willfully file false and misleading affidavits and pleadings with the court in an attempt to deprive millions of Michigan residents,” Davis wrote in a court record. “Not only should these individuals and their attorneys face financial penalties, but they should also be banned from practicing in federal courts in the Eastern District of Michigan.”

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