Michigan Dems braces for disaster after court blocks Guv’s COVID restrictions

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is still reeling as the state’s highest court dismantles the authority she used to fight the public health pandemic as the future of the response from the state ‘Coronavirus state turns into confusion.

In a 4-3 decision released Friday, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that a key law invoked by the governor during the pandemic “violates the Constitution”, according to the ruling, because it gave the governor legislative power undue.

The move was a devastating political and political setback for one of the leading Democratic voices during the coronavirus pandemic as the partisan fight against state continues to unfold across the country.

“It is in my opinion a disaster that the Supreme Court ruled in this way,” said Representative Yousef Rabhi, the Democratic House leader. “I would say it’s akin to a dog chasing a car, and now that Republicans have grabbed the car, they don’t know what to do with it because it creates a ripple effect on public health and economic issues. “

But it was good news for Republicans who have long criticized Whitmer’s approach as the months passed during the pandemic. GOP leaders who control State House and the had also sued Whitmer for his use of emergency executive power in a case separate from the state Supreme Court ruling, according to a press release from the State Supreme Court. of the majority leader.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, House Majority Leader Triston Cole said his “constituents felt their voice was being excluded from the process because the governor was exclusively using executive orders.

“At this point, it is important that we do our best to bring Michigan back to normal economically and to operate our businesses that have been forcibly taken out of service, which is considered unconstitutional action by the governor. Cole said.

Michigan had more than 128,900 confirmed cases during the pandemic as of Monday, according to state health data, with 6,816 deaths as a result. In another part of the ruling, the High Court was unanimous that Whitmer did not have the power to maintain a state of emergency after April 30 on its own using a different emergency act, according to the decision.

The decision will create a “significant change” in the state’s response to the coronavirus, said Meryl Chertoff, executive director of the Georgetown Project on Local and State Government Policy and Law.

“This is going to hamper (Whitmer’s) ability to effectively manage the crisis because it will take away the flexibility inherent in top management,” Chertoff said.

The emergency authority used by governors in an effort to ensure public safety has been a thorny political issue during the pandemic. Democratic governors across the country have faced criticism and legislative and legal challenges from Republicans in their states as attempts have attempted to undermine stricter responses from elected leaders and public health measures.

But the implications for Michigan are particularly intense, given its position as a critical critical state that has been fertile ground for political fighting as the pandemic rages on and anti-restriction protests have provided disturbing scenes on state land.

And with about a month to go until Election Day, the dynamics only got more complicated with the state’s High Court ruling.

“As a result, executive orders issued by the governor in response to the COVID-19 pandemic are no longer based on Michigan law,” the majority opinion said on Friday.

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