Michigan gun stores cleaned up for fear of election unrest – Dateway

Michigan gun stores are being “cleaned up” by people buying guns for the first time for fear of massive civil unrest after tomorrow’s presidential election.

Detroit gun store owner Bill Kucyk told Sky News his store was inundated with people who didn’t really know how to buy or handle guns but were desperate to acquire them.

“They don’t even know the process,” Kucyk said. “They just want to buy guns – and I get a hundred calls a day about that,” he added.

Kucyk said he was struggling to keep up with demand as people demanded to stock up on weapons before what many fear will be weeks of intense riots if the election result is contested.

“Normally I would have a hundred guns in this cabinet, but they’ve been sold twice. The store has been cleaned several times, ”he commented.

Lexus Lewis, a young mother of two, was trying to buy a shotgun but “had difficulty holding her shoulder” according to the report, with Kucyk remarking: “She is going to need some serious training to use it. . “

Lewis said she was afraid of what people were capable of doing given recent events.

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“This is all new,” she said. “I’ve always been a little worried about living in Detroit, Michigan, but it’s all new to me … people do things we never even thought about doing before … pushing to limits we never thought about going before.

The rest of the article blames the emergence of “militias” as the reason people buy guns, completely ignoring the real reason, which is the fact that left-wing extremists representing Antifa and Black Lives Matter have revolted. in US cities in the past 5 months.



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