Michigan voter: a lot of ‘unease’ in the United States

(Nov 5, 2020) Michigan voter says there is a lot of “uneasiness” in the United States over a controversial and unresolved election. “I know everyone has a lot of passion on both sides, and I think it’s great,” Arnold Muscat, an automotive engineer, said Thursday. “But on the other side, I just think that as a country we have to be better at each other.” Muscat drove past a park in the Detroit suburb of Plymouth, where he lives. Scott Huddas, a resident of Plymouth, admitted that there is a lot of uncertainty in the country. “It’s interesting, because it’s completely different, obviously, from any other year where and where certain ballots are counted, I think, throws a lot of confusion into the mix, and it’s kind of exploited from some ways, I think, on the Tory side, “said Huddas, who voted for former Vice President Joe Biden. The Democrat was closing in on the 270 electorate votes needed to carry the White House, winning over Michigan and Wisconsin’s “blue wall” battlefields and narrowing the path of President Donald Trump.With only a handful of states yet to be won, Trump has attempted to bring his case to court in some key states. It was not clear if any of the legal maneuvers of his ballot campaign would succeed in tipping the race in his favor. More on AP Archive: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Tumblr: Instagram: You can get a Licence for this story via AP Archive :.

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