Mike Pence steps back from wreckage of ‘fraudulent’ Trump election train

Vice President Mike Pence has been a draw for the President’s campaign, and since October, not more than a day has passed without his name entering a fundraising email for Trump’s re-election.

But that changed at the end of last month. As of November 25, not a single fundraising email from the Trump campaign or his Republican National Committee fundraising account has featured Pence’s name in the “from” field. And this week, that joint Republican National Committee fundraising committee, the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, made another subtle change: A handful of its emails replaced the official Trump-Pence campaign logo with a ne including the name of the president.

At first glance, these may seem like minor changes to some nifty parts of Team Trump’s fundraising strategy. A source close to the process said fundraising emails are not being sent to Vice President Pence’s team for approval and an RNC official said the digital team is simply testing a new logo towards the end of the month. Indeed, some of the Joint Fundraising Committee’s emails this week included the original campaign logo with Pence’s name underneath Trump’s.

But several high-level sources say the change in graphics, as well as Pence’s disappearance from the headers of President Donald Trump’s increasingly frantic and conspiratorial appeals, is not in fact a coincidence. According to four people familiar with the matter, they reflect an effort by the vice president and his team to push Pence away from some of the president’s most outlandish claims about a plot to undermine the election and illegally deny him a second term.

“It is an open secret [in Trumpworld] that Vice President Pence has absolutely different feelings about the legal effort than President Trump, ”said a senior administration official. “The vice president doesn’t want to go down with this ship … and thinks a lot of the legal work hasn’t been helpful.”

The Trump campaign declined to comment for this story. Devin O’Malley, a spokesperson for Pence, said on Wednesday evening: “As he has done for the past four years, the Vice President is proud to stand by the President – in this case, to ensure that every legal vote is counted and that every illegal vote is rejected. Anonymous Daily Beast sources have no real insight into what the Vice President thinks of these issues.

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