‘Million MAGA March’ drops to 900,000 or so short of a full bridge

Let’s just call what happened in Washington, DC today what it was: an anti-democracy protest by an assortment of white supremacists, violent fascists, and conspiratorial freaks. They have come to town to collectively demand the disenfranchisement of over 78 million American voters Joe Biden, and to reaffirm that “legal votes” can only be cast by whites outside of mixed-race towns.

If they had marched against anti-black racism or police abuse, the cops would probably have rioted violently against them. Instead, the mob of white-majority anti-democratic whiners and agitators made their way from Freedom Plaza to the Supreme Court without a tear gas canister being lobbed or a billy club deployed.

Disparate groups of protesters called the protest by various names, including “Stop the Steal”, “March for Trump” and “Million MAGA March” – the latter being a crib of the 1995 “Million Man March” because these people can not go a day without robbing blacks. There were well under a million people there, although the White House overstated the numbers available for Trump, just as they did four years ago when that administration was inaugurated.

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