Mincing Mockingbirds Troubled Birds Postcards

I love to harass my friends with my love. With the pandemic, I had to find new and creative ways to harass them. At first I stepped up my text game, but it wasn’t enough. Finally, I realized I had to get back to basics. Like many people over the course of this year, I got really interested in postcards and letters to save the USPS. Plus, there is something special about decorating and sending a physical postcard, and there is nothing quite like receiving mail that is not an invoice or an advertisement.

That’s why I bought the Mincing Mockingbird Troubled Birds Postcard Set. Right away, I was in love. These postcards feature gorgeous, lush illustrations of various birds paired with a dose of dark humor. Sometimes bizarre, sometimes threatening, they’re always funny and relatable. With strain packs it might be a fluke, but they’re all unique and utterly absurd. Whether they fall in love despite the warning signs or make unsettling eye contact to correct your grammar, they’re all endearing. Troubled Birds postcards are also thick and shiny, and my friends told me they made it in the mail in good condition – not all of my postcards have been so lucky.

I’ll be honest, when they first got there I spent about ten minutes lying on my floor reading each one and laughing, sniffing, crying and then picking myself up just enough to start over. There were a few times when I really considered keeping them all to myself, but I realized I had to use them as intended: making my friends and family laugh and hurt. Right away, I pulled out my pen and my stamps, and sent the first set of postcards. Over the course of a few days, I picked up various reactions from everyone, ranging from hysterical laughter to disappointed sighs. Several friends asked me where I got them from so they could answer me correctly.

At the very least, these postcards can show you who a degenerate comrade is and who could use a few other Troubled Birds postcards to remind them that life is too short not to be harassed by weird birds.

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