Mitt Romney harassed by Trumpists, who usually act like dicks, on his trip through January 6 of DC protests

President Donald Trump has vowed that MAGA’s planned protests in Washington, DC on Wednesday will be “wild” – and his prediction has already come true, with his supporters acting like zoo animals as they go on a pilgrimage to the Jamboree of the Ass in the capital.

Several videos show conflicting Trump supporters misbehaving at airports and airplanes on Tuesday night. MAGA hordes descend on Washington for a mass protest on January 6 to express their anger that President Donald Trump has lost the election, then failed in his relentless and blatant attempts to reverse his resounding defeat.

One of the targets of the fury as the MAGAists began their journey was Senator Mitt Romney, who had the misfortune to cross paths with Trump supporters while waiting for a flight from Salt Lake City to the capital. Video shows an angry, seemingly maskless woman approaching the senator to express her confused anger at him for not supporting Trump’s baseless claims of electoral fraud and subsequent attempts to reverse the outcome.

The Utah Republican and former GOP presidential candidate called on his colleagues to plot to oppose certification of election results on Wednesday when a joint session of Congress meets to count and confirm college votes electoral.

“Why don’t you support President Trump? You don’t support him, ”the anonymous woman asks Romney. “I support President Trump,” the senator responded with admirable patience, adding, “I’m sorry, I agree with a lot of things he is for and I support him.”

The woman, dissatisfied with the response, continues to try to argue with Romney about the election results and his actions, telling him, “You were voted as Tory to represent Tory voters. Period. ”Before closing his laptop and walking away, the senator calmly replies,“ In fact, that is not the way the Constitution works. ”

A second video, apparently taken after Romney boarded his plane to Washington, shows the harassment did not end inside the airport. It shows passengers shouting “Traitor!” Traitor! Traitor! ”Repeatedly against him, with only one woman shouting,“ Your constituents want to know why you aren’t trying to certify the Electoral College! ”

But it wasn’t just Romney who had to deal overnight with angry Trumpists in friendly skies over the United States – some unsuspecting members of the public also took a flight full of angry MAGA supporters. A video posted by freelance journalist Maranie R. Staab shows Trump supporters projecting “Trump 2020” onto the walls of the aircraft cabin.

Staab, who said the scenes took place on an American Airlines flight to Washington, recorded angry scenes of Trump supporters shouting “Biden is a pedophile,” “Get up, you shit” and ” Wake up!” American Airlines was not immediately available for comment.

Although the main protest is scheduled for Wednesday morning, there has already been unrest in Washington overnight.

According to NBC News, Metropolitan Police have confirmed that six arrests have already been made in connection with the protests. The charges included carrying firearms without a license, as well as assaulting an officer and simple assault. Later Wednesday, the president himself is expected to address a protest near the White House.

DC can have a long day. A USA today The reporter tweeted a pre-dawn video of Trump supporters lining up 30 minutes before the formal start of proceedings. “The line should be at least a mile long,” Will Carless wrote.

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