Miya Ponsetto’s lawyer ‘very concerned’ about ‘SoHo Karen’ mental health

There was the “Daddy” hat. There was the wave of the hand, and imperious “Very well, Gayle.” Enough! ”And, in Miya Ponsetto’s now viral Gayle King interview, the so-called“ SoHo ”arrested for attacking a black teenage girl and falsely accusing her of stealing her cell phone, there was the bewildering responses the interviewee presented for her actions.

King spoke with Ponsetto, 22, “hours before his arrest,” according to this morning. Ponsetto apologized from “the bottom of my heart” for the incident – but then repeatedly defended his actions, insisting, “I don’t feel like this one mistake defines me.” I consider myself to be super nice, ”she added. “I’m a 22 year old girl … how does a girl accuse a man of a phone as a crime?”

Ponsetto chose a confusing piece of outfit for his television debut: a black baseball cap inscribed with “Daddy.” It appears to be from Urban Outfitters, and you can buy yours now on sale for $ 16.

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