MLB boycotted Georgia Allstar game a day after broadening deal with Communist Chinese

Major League Baseball has extended its contract with Chinese Tencent, which has important ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

The announcement was made on April 1.

On April 2, Major League Baseball moved the All-Star Game out of Georgia after state leaders passed a new election law that requires photo ID to vote away in the state.
MLB said it was undemocratic.

What frauds.

The Epoch Times reported:

Major League Baseball had extended and broadened its contract with a Chinese telecommunications giant shortly before boycotting the state of Georgia over the league’s disagreement with electoral reforms recently enacted by the democratically elected governor and legislature of the ‘State of Fishing.

Chinese state media reported on April 1 that MLB will continue to broadcast on the streaming platform operated by Chinese tech giant Tencent, which has important ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Tencent is among Chinese companies that temporarily abandoned NBA games as a form of censorship after former Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey spoke out in support of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong .

On April 2, the day after the Chinese deal was announced, the MLB moved its annual All-Star game out of Atlanta, Georgia, in response to a package of electoral reforms signed by Georgia Gov. Kemp on last month.

President Trump was right to push for a boycott of Major League Baseball.
Enough is enough.

President Trump issues statement: Boycott baseball and all businesses that interfere with fair and free elections – are you listening to Coca-Cola and Delta?

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