MLB legend Tommy John has COVID-19, which his anti-Vaxxer son says is wrong.

Tommy John Jr., the famous baseball player and pioneer of elbow surgery, has contracted COVID-19. But even as he receives oxygen while battling a case of the deadly disease, the Hall of Fame nominee and his chiropractor son cast anti-vaxxer views.

From his hospital bed near his home in Indio, Calif., The 77-year-old former Yankees pitcher told The Daily Beast he was not experiencing any symptoms after being diagnosed while in hospital with a fall. recent. “I would leave right away if they let me out,” he said on Tuesday.

Later, when asked if the diagnosis made him nervous about his health, he replied, “You must piss me off.”

“You are going to live or you are going to die,” he added.

Perhaps that was a predictable response from the king of curves, who returned to the field for 14 seasons after undergoing then incipient ligament replacement surgery in 1974. But so was it, according to his longtime girlfriend. Cheryl Zeldin, not the whole story.

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