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We have previously detailed the protests that have erupted in various major cities across mainland Australia over the authorities’ ultra-restrictive coronavirus lockdown measures, which are particularly strict and far-reaching in the southeastern state of Victoria.

There have been several cases captured on video where police cracked down on elderly people and even pregnant women for simply resting outside on park benches, supposedly in “violation” of social distancing measures. of the coronavirus, even though the number of cases has dropped significantly since August. And now here’s the latest incident to go viral as citizens flock to the recently reopened beaches, after Victoria slightly eased some of her more severe lockdown restrictions:

Police video appeared Clash with beach goers in dramatic arrest of woman on Melbourne beach as hordes of residents made their way outside to take advantage of the beautiful weekend weather.

Officers approached a group of people at Altona Beach, in the southwest of the city, on Saturday night after noticing that they weren’t wearing masks, Victoria Police said.

And here is a description of how this “application of the mask” went, in which the police claim that the group which included a pregnant woman acted “aggressively”:

“She took her kids swimming and what are you stopping her for?” one person said.

“You fucking pussies,” a man can be heard screaming.

Group member then alleges agent pushed pregnant woman in the group as they try to control the unstable situation.

It also comes as Australians are fed up with being essentially locked indoors and confined to their local areas under strict regulations, even as cases drop and the weather improves.

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Police were in force this weekend looking for ‘excessive crowds’ and ‘mask breakers’. And most scandalously is that Victoria is currently enforcing a law that says citizens cannot venture within five kilometers of their homes.

According to Yahoo News Australia:

Victoria Police have confirmed the arrested woman was more than three miles from her home and received three violation notices.

Other members of the group have also been fined as police continue to investigate activities to determine if others violated current restrictions on coronaviruses.

The woman detained has received several citations and fines, according to Australian media.

Local Channel 7 News Australia also confirmed that “Police took the woman into custody at Altona Beach on Saturday after she allegedly failed to wear a mask and traveled outside of their authorized 5 km radius. “

The restrictive travel and travel rule is a source of fierce revulsion from an increasingly angry public, however, authorities appear to be doubling down after the weekend beach incident, saying so “Could be extended” beyond its October 19 expiration date.

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