“More black children have died since February than people who have died of COVID” – Dateway

Rapper Kanye West has made headlines again after appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast on Saturday and sharing his thoughts on abortion, God, cryptocurrency, running for president and more.

“Let me talk about Planned Parenthood. There’s … the last number I saw is that there have been 210,000 deaths from COVID in America. And everywhere you go you see someone with a mask. With the culture of abortion, there are 1,000 black children aborted per day, ”West told Rogan.

“We are in a genocide,” he continued. “We… So more black children have died since February than people have died from COVID and everyone is wearing a mask. So, it’s a question of where do we turn a blind eye? For example, the media can often control what matters to us. “

“In 50 years, 22 million – more than 22,500,000 – black people have aborted strategically and on purpose. Planned Parenthood was created and placed in minority communities to kill black people, ”West added.

West went on to explain why he was against abortion, saying, “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, abortion kills more black people than HIV, homicide, diabetes, accidents, cancer and heart disease – look at this one – combined.

“Three thousand shootings in Chicago a year, 700 murders, you have to put that with heart disease, you have to put that with HIV, you have to put that with diabetes, you have to put that with just accidents, and put that with cancer, and it does not specifically correspond to abortions. If you think about that number, 1,000 black babies are aborted every day. “

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Prominent black conservative Candace Owens spoke with Fox NewsTucker Carlson on Monday about West’s appearance in Rogan.

Owens and Carlson began by discussing the racist and eugenic agenda of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger and the fact that half of the black population has been aborted because of it.

“We’re replacing tough academics with psychological conditioning,” Owens said. “Black Americans are finding out about Black Lives Matter and how depressing it is and we should blame White Americans for everything.”

“But, we are not finding out our real story, how we were conditioned to allow Planned Parenthood clinics in our neighborhoods,” she continued. “More than 63% of them live in black and Hispanic neighborhoods. This is systematic targeting. If you’re looking for systemic racism, you might want to take a look at Democratic Politics. “

Check out Kanye West’s full interview with Joe Rogan below:

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