More than 4,700 votes of absentees from Georgia in November 2020 election linked to non-residential addresses – Dateway

(Washington DC) Judicial Watch today announced that voter data in Georgia shows that more than 4,700 voters absent in the presidential election have listed non-residential addresses as their places of residence. Georgian law requires citizens who register to vote to reside “in the place where that person’s dwelling is fixed…” Yesterday, Judicial Watch shared its data with the Georgian Secretary of State and called for an investigation.

A total of 9,989 Georgian voters appear to be registered at non-residential addresses: 1,882 at business addresses, 1,336 registered in county and state government buildings, and 6,735 in hotels or motels.

Additionally, 215 new registrations (between November 4 and December 14) for today’s special election are linked to non-residential addresses.

Judicial Watch previously alerted the Georgia office secretary to the voter registration address issue in April 2020.

“Judicial Watch found thousands of voters in Georgia who appeared to have used non-residential addresses to register to vote. This must be immediately investigated. We are concerned about the impact on the elections in Georgia in November and today, ”said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

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