More than half of Joe Biden’s Twitter followers are FALSE and just started in January

Big Tech and Team Biden are feverishly working to manipulate the public into believing that the newly sworn in dictator is in fact adored by millions.

Twitter appears to be setting up fake accounts to follow Biden and boost his ostensibly dismal popularity, in another pitiful attempt to convince the world that the scandal-ridden Democrat won the presidential election by 81 million US votes without previous and unrealistic.

Twitter user Bre Wylde warns, “Joe gets 100,000 Twitter followers every day! Except that they are ALL FALSE !! “

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“If you’re going to see the followers of Joe Biden, I would say at least 70% of them all joined [Twitter] in January and have no subscribers», She continues.

Biden currently has 6.3 million Twitter followers. Before Twitter suspended former President Donald Trump’s account, it had around 88.7 million subscribers.

While Biden set a record that would have garnered over 81.2 million votes, surpassing Barack Obama’s previous record of 69.5 million, his alleged popularity does not translate into enthusiasm for his speeches.

YouTube is also monitoring the damage for Biden.

Every video posted to the official White House YouTube channel since Biden’s inauguration has garnered many more negative votes than upvotes.

A 31-minute video of the inauguration of Biden, the most-viewed video on the channel, garnered 43,000 “dislikes” and only 9,200 “likes”.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s first press conference on Wednesday was overwhelmingly rejected by the American public on YouTube when Big Tech once again came to the rescue of the new Democratic president and erased the negative votes of several thousand.

Joe Biden’s White House YouTube page also banned Americans from leaving their remarks below the video by disabling the comments section.

As tech giants protect Biden from the people, a federal appeals court has ruled that Trump violated the Constitution by preventing people from following his Twitter account when they mocked or betrayed him.

The man who stepped on the podium in his inauguration to address an empty shopping mall won more votes than any other presidential candidate in American history without campaigning and without any victory primary during his first two races (in 1987 and 2008).

He won his unprecedented victory despite his 47-year history in politics which includes countless photos and videos exposing him to inappropriately touching children, hanging out with ardent segregationists and leading a bill on the crime that has destroyed a generation of young black men which he insists on predators. “

He defeated Trump in 2020, despite losing a historic number of immigrants, Hispanics and Asians and black voters to the Republican candidate.

The 2020 election is the cleanest and fairest election in history. Nothing to see here, folks.

Perfectly good, perfectly sure.

If you don’t log in, you will be censored, erased, or “deprogrammed”.

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