Most overlooked movies of 2020, from controversial portrayal of a killer to unleashed Nicolas Cage


This one is complicated. Australian director Emma Sullivan was integrated with Danish inventor Peter Madsen and his team of volunteers for several months, making a short film about his DIY creations when, in August 2017, he invited journalist Kim Wall on his sub. homemade sailor under the guise of an interview – and brutally murdered her. Sullivan In the depths Chillingly captures Madsen’s descent into madness, as well as the fallout among his team, mostly young admirers, as a result of his heinous crime. This is the scariest and most terrifying documentary I have ever seen. After its Sundance premiere, however, two of the film’s subjects disowned it, alleging that they never officially agreed to appear in it, which caused Netflix – which had acquired it before the festival – to shut down. distance from the project. We still don’t know if he will ever see the day.


Aubrey Plaza deserves its flowers. In the hollow otherwise The happiest season, her chemistry with Kristen Stewart was so vibrant that she threw the entire movie off its axis and the whole internet wanted them to fly away at sunset. But Black bear sees Plaza stretch like never before, portraying both the intriguing intruder and the gas-lit target in Lawrence Michael Levine’s meditation on staging control and duplicity. To see her switch effortlessly between the two extremes, agent of chaos and untangling victim, is to watch an actress at the height of her powers. Plaza deserves to be squarely in the middle of the best actress conversation. Black Bear is available for rent on Prime Video.


These days, it’s hard to say if a Nicolas Cage project will be worth your time. There’s only so much– man has serious debts to pay, after all – and for every rough diamond like Mandy, there are five more that look wild and entertaining on paper, but end up being anything but. Fortunately, Color out of space falls into the first category. Directed by Richard Stanley and adapted from a short story by HP Lovecraft, it’s about a meteor hard landing on a farm; instead of signaling the arrival of Jor-El’s son, however, it wreaks havoc on the family, which gradually becomes detached from reality. And few people can capture a descent into madness in such a fun way as Cage, whose farmer father is overcome with uncontrollable rage / paranoia. It really is a sight to see.

The color out of space is now streaming on Shudder.


Sasie Sealy’s first feature film as director is first and foremost a monument Tsai Chin, the former Bond girl best known as Aunt Aunt Lindo in The Joy of Luck Club. Here, armed with a not to be lightly Sullen and seemingly endless supply of cigarettes, her titular grandmother is the dark hero you never thought you needed, playing two sides of a vicious Chinatown gang war against each other for a sack. missing money (picked up by Grandma after a wild night in casino bender, of course). Chin conveys more straight anger with a single scowl than most can with a ten page monologue, and the barber shop’s reminder to The Joy of Luck Club is perfect.

Lucky Grandma is available for rent on Prime Video.


What I wouldn’t give for parking in a dive bar, pounding whiskeys, shooting shit, playing music on the jukebox and tripping around the house (fuck you, COVID). The next best thing to this is Bloody nose, empty pockets, Turner and Bill Ross’s love affair with American diving. The filmmaker brothers’ ‘documentary’ chronicles the last 18 hours of a beloved Las Vegas bar, The Roaring 20s, before it closes – to do so, they auditioned real life barflies at United States and shot them down on three. long days in a New Orleans waterhole, feeding them scenarios. And there is so much beauty and poetry on display here, the lines of their faces worn out like constellations of the soul.

Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets is available for rental on Prime Video.


Malcolm X proclaimed, “The most disrespectful person in America is the black woman. The least protected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman. For proof, look no further than On disk, Documentary by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering exploring allegations of sexual abuse and harassment against hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. Sadly, the controversy surrounding the documentary’s release – Oprah stepping down as a producer at the 11e hour after speaking with Simmons, citing “creative differences” – eclipsed what is a nuanced and devastating look at the misogyny and colorism within the black community, and the burden black women face in coming forward. Put some respect on the names of Drew Dixon, Sil Lai Abrams and Sheri Sher. Their courage is that I can not imagine.

On the Record is now streaming on HBO Max.


If you haven’t seen Brazilian director Kleber Mendonça Filho and seasoned actress Sonia Braga’s previous collaboration, 2016 Aquarius, an indelible portrait of an elderly working class woman standing in front of the shady developers pulling all the shady stuff out of the book to force her out of her apartment, remedy that immediately. Their reunion is a horse – or rather a flying saucer – of a different color, as the (fictional) small town of Bacurau in rural Brazil is plagued by curious, if not otherworldly, events. There is a corrupt mayor who hijacks their water supply in tanker trucks which are then gunned down by a murderous couple on motorcycles which are then gunned down by a group of high-crust English speaking foreigners chasing locals for sport and armed with a UFO drone. It is partly anti-colonialist satire, partly gonzo western and a crazy ride.

Bacurau is available for hire on Prime Video.

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