Most ridiculous blackness impersonator yet is no joke

Tuesday evening, I saw again Columbo, the procedural mystery that I loved as a child and felt, alas, deflated. The easy certainty of cop shows on TV has satisfied my boyish palate for good guys who chokes off bad crooks, but my adult brain is definitely spoiled for silly intrigue. I couldn’t appreciate the premise of a sneaky detective beating up colleagues and suspects when I realized how stupid the biggest ruse was. Columbo was not a Sherlock Holmesian scholar; he was just good at stating the obvious and dragging it in before asking “just one more thing” to finally catch the crooks entangled in their own obvious lies and leadership errors.

That same night Dean Browning, ex Lehigh, Pennsylvania County Commissioner and “proud pro-life and pro-2A Christian conservative,” played an annoying villain in Columbo on the Internet, evidently forgetting to log out of his main account. before triggering a racist message from his burner. Browning is a one-man legion of online trolls, exploiting his account of more than 50,000 followers to deflect and deny enemy logic and “play devil’s advocate” wherever progressive views live. But like so many before him, he also assumed the visual identity of a black person to give validity to his fanaticism. With a five-word qualifier, Browning went down in internet history as one of his greatest frauds – one that could have Dolezal himself in oblivion as amateur gumshoes peel away layers of his. awkward blow.

Browning’s original Tweet said “what Trump built in 4 years, Biden will destroy in 4 months.” This post recorded thousands of engagements and would have been a rallying cry to the Conservatives, who are preparing for a policy of resistance following a massive loss. Browning, however, couldn’t stop while he was early. DanPurdy’s now infamous response322 said, “I’m a black gay and I can personally say that Obama didn’t do anything for me, my life only changed a little and it was for the worse” – but that came from the Dean Browning official account, not his nickname “Dan Purdy”. As the internet heard “Oh shit!” Internal Browning he rushed to scaffold his lie. First he claims that an anonymous “gay black” had written him a personal message which he then quoted in a Tweet but… under his own name… and without quotes. Of course, Jan.

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