Mourners reprimanded for pulling chairs closer at funeral

Video from the UK shows a crematorium worker scolding mourners at a funeral for moving their chairs to be closer to each other while on duty.

Under the draconian covid rules, funeral services are limited to 30 people, and they must all wear masks and sit 2 meters apart.

The Daily Mail reports that Craig Bicknell, who attended his father’s funeral last week, was reprimanded during the ceremony for trying to comfort his mother.

Video footage shows Mr Bicknell and his brother moving their chairs and putting their arms around their distraught mother, prompting a staff member to come pacing up and down waving their arms and warning the family to “back up the chairs” by saying “we told you”.


Writing on Facebook, Mr. Bicknell pointed out the silliness of the action.


“I can sit in a restaurant, I can sit in a pub, I can live with her, I can travel by limousine to the crematorium with 6. But when I want to hug my mother at the funeral of dad, a man flies off in the middle of the service screaming to stop the service and separate us… A devastating day even worse.

It is this kind of madness that causes people’s patience to be extremely slim when it comes to anything covid.

“It scared my daughter and shocked everyone in the room,” Mr Bicknell continued, adding: “This is not how funerals should be and with guidelines in place for pubs, bars, restaurants. public transport, etc., how this can continue at the funeral is beyond belief. “

Alex Jones breaks down the public dog training to submit to medical tyranny using machines to force our consent.

The video has since gone viral, with people on social media expressing disgust.

“Although I don’t know them, my condolences to the family involved. I am absolutely furious. one person wrote.

“The way the service was interrupted and the way they were spoken to is beyond forgiveness. I think I should have stood up and walked out in disgust, ”added another.

“It’s shocking not to separate family members who live together when they attend a funeral. In fact, it is more than shocking, it is really cruel! another commentator contributed.

Another person pointed out that this was not an isolated incident and that it deeply affects people’s mental health.

“We went through this in April and I couldn’t console my own children with the loss of their beautiful nanna, my amazing mom. The effect on us mentally is indescribable, the pain has been felt for a long time. As a family, we believe that we have not been able to honor my dear mother, ”urged the commentator.

While these types of ridiculous restrictions do nothing to protect anyone’s health, they are capable of breaking the human spirit.

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