MSM Affiliates Repeat Exactly Same Talking Points When Reporting “Fake News” – Dateway

A video compilation of more than two dozen affiliates across the country shows journalists reading the exact same script trying to legitimize their institutions, while demonizing “fake news”.

In the compilation recently shared on Twitter by conservative actor James Woods, local media presenters from ABC, Fox, NBC and CBS affiliates recite the same lines verbatim in a bizarre mantra claiming fake news is a threat to democracy.

“The ‘news’,” Woods wrote in his tweet, which exposes how the media parses left-wing and anti-free speech propaganda.

Local station reporters conscientiously read their lines straight from the teleprompter, claiming without a hint of irony that other members of the media are trying to control what you think.

Read the MSM script demonizing sharing “fake news” below:

Our greatest responsibility is to serve our [location] communities. We are extremely proud of the quality of balanced journalism produced by CBS News, but …

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We are concerned about the disturbing trend of irresponsible and one-sided reporting plaguing our country.

Sharing biased and false information has become all too common on social media.

More alarmingly, some media is publishing these same false stories that are just not true without first checking the facts.

Unfortunately, some members of the media are using their platforms to push their own personal biases and agenda in order to control exactly what people think.

It is extremely dangerous for our democracy.

We have been warning you for months, if not years, of the WHO depopulation plan. It is only now that world leaders have confirmed that COVID was designed to get the 2030 Agenda started.

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