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The left has, in a strange way, been transparent about its entire strategy during this election.

Among many other signals, Nancy Pelosi told us that Trump will lead at the end of election night but not win.

And now the ink was barely dry on Joe Biden’s media anointings as president-elect when clues of the next phase started to appear: articles explaining what would or should happen if the president-elect passed away. before the investiture. Are Kamala and her supporters already restless?

The Los Angeles Times in fact, started the ball rolling days before the election with an editorial raising questions about the health of the candidate who was vigorously crossing the country and holding several rallies a day, and not about the state of the hesitant, cloudy and stumbling candidate who past the countryside. calling lids and napping in his basement (we now know that, as he put it, it was at least in part because he didn’t need our votes to get elected): ” Trump’s COVID infection has brought to light a problem: What happens if an elected president dies? “

Despite the article’s emphasis on Trump, it was clear that it had only been published due to Biden’s obvious and growing dementia. Trump is now president, so the question of what would happen if the president-elect dies only becomes an issue if Biden’s media victory is confirmed.

Then on Saturday Tim McDonnell, who’s what’s called a “climate reporter” for Quartz, made it clear what it was. In an article titled “What happens if an elected president dies before the inauguration?” McDonnell wrote: “It may sound morbid, but given that Biden, at 77, will be the longest-serving president-elect of the story and comes in the middle. pandemic, it should be clarified what would happen if he died before taking office. If Joe Biden were to die before being sworn in as president, he would almost certainly be replaced by Kamala Harris.

No kidding, really?

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Quartz took a step back for this, and later tweeted: “We deleted a previous tweet from a story explaining what happens if the president-elect dies before taking office. We hoped to help those who were looking for the answer to this question. It was posted to our Twitter account by mistake. He did not withdraw the article, however.

Then on Sunday, journalist Emily France wrote another article about it on “US election 2020: what happens if an elected president dies?” She suggested Biden was vulnerable because of the coronavirus and these right-wing perverts: “It’s extremely unlikely that Biden will happen, but at 77, he’s also struggling with a pandemic and a fiercely divided electorate, so nothing’s wrong. is impossible. This “fiercely divided electorate” threatens Biden because, well, you know how violent the Conservatives are.

France continues: “Now it may seem a little morbid given that Biden just celebrated his victory but, out of curiosity, we’ll explore what would happen if this worst-case scenario materializes.”

Yeah, “out of curiosity.” Emily France may not have put two and two together, or hope we didn’t, and remember that just four weeks ago, Nancy Pelosi unveiled an elaborate proposal. which would make it easier for Congress to use the 25e Amendment to dismiss a president whom he deemed incapable of performing his duties. Pelosi stressed: “This is not about President Donald Trump – he will face the judgment of the voters.”

Well, maybe, or maybe he’ll just face the judgment of the fixers. “But it shows,” Pelosi continued, “the need for us to create a process for future presidents.” Why, yes, of course! We need to take the time in October of a presidential election year to craft a simple and smooth process to get rid of presidents who, in the opinion of Congress and the vice president, are incapable of acting as as president. A burning question indeed – whether Joe Biden was president. President Trump immediately saw what was going on, Tweeter October 9: “Crazy Nancy Pelosi is considering the 25th Amendment to replace Joe Biden with Kamala Harris. The Dems want this to happen quickly because Sleepy Joe is no longer there !!! “

Trump was right. Now that the media has decided that the election is over and that a Democrat will be named president on January 20, Quartz and the others are setting the stage for the possibility that the Democrat in question is Kamala Harris rather than Old Joe. One thing Democrats deserve to be applauded for: They’ve been telegraphing their plans from the start.

Alex Jones breaks down Joe Biden’s new task force plan and how he will attempt to force President Trump to implement it.

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