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I love everything to be outside, but few things can really crush my will to stay outside like wet and sore feet .. There is something so immediate about the discomfort and once my feet are wet , I found that there was no escape. A combination of overheated, soggy, and sore feet ended more days of hiking, fishing, gardening and walking in the woods than I would like to admit. I tried waterproof hiking shoes but on a rainy day they just don’t cut it. Fortunately, I recently found a rain boot that protects my feet from the elements better than any other I have tried.

Muck boots are made with the durability and waterproofness required of real farmers and outdoor enthusiasts, which means they can handle just about any terrain. I first noticed that a friend of mine was wearing them, and although he looked a little silly, he swore by them. He was right – Muck boots come in several different styles and lengths (you can buy a snakebite resistant pair if that’s a lingering issue you’re facing in your life – God help you), but I think the best option is the ankle-high version. The neoprene liner goes up to the ankle and the sole and shoe is made from the strongest rubber I have encountered in a shoe. Waterproofing is absolute, something relatively rare in truly affordable outdoor footwear, and best of all, it lasts. I’m wearing a pair I bought in 2016 and still haven’t noticed any cracked rubber or loose seaming. They’re breathable in a way you think would delay waterproofing, but, thanks to the use of neoprene in the upper of the shoe, they’ve never failed to keep all manner of wet conditions from reaching. my socks. The toe and heel of the boot are reinforced three and four times respectively, and somehow they are easy to remove as well. The heel was designed so you can kick boot after boot while wobbling on either leg right after you get home.

In my experience, other boots that advertise themselves as waterproof are still just hollow echoes of reality. When you wear these boots, you feel free from the issues that field workers and forest travelers have suffered for centuries. In fact, I would go so far as to say that putting on these boots early in the morning before a long day outdoors is a lot like what I imagine having a superpower: I feel invulnerable.

Muckster ll Ankle-Height Rubber Garden Boots for Men

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