My Cuomo ‘Crush’ turned out to be Stockholm Syndrome

I‘ve been before. During my 42 years, I have had the privilege of making mistakes on several occasions and since being sober since I was 19, I can longer blame alcohol. As well as getting it on several occasions, I also crushed him with searing catches, like my article on how Biden should give up a few days before winning South Carolina. Spoiler alert: He’s president now, so I haven’t exactly nailed that one. But “Why we’re crushing Andrew Cuomo right now” was perhaps my worst take.

One caveat: I didn’t write the title. I do not have the authority to approve or write my titles. But since three much younger women, including two former staff, accused the New York governor of harassment over the past week, that headline is what people are used to saying about me. As Aristotle said, “Live by the tweet, die by the tweet – or find out how to automatically delete your tweets.”

And the title aside, the article was extremely bad and not at all good. In my defense, I noted his partnership with the very sketchy IDC, “a group of supposed Democrats who helped Republicans control the New York State Senate for many years.” I him joylessly, but also noted ‘what a difference a pandemic makes’ while praising my ‘competent governor / imaginary boyfriend’.

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