My Twitter war with the MP for QAnon

Molly Jong-Fast and MP-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene, a staunch supporter of QAnon, argued on Twitter over different interpretations of government interference in a woman’s health.

On the last episode of The new abnormal, Molly explains to Rick Wilson why she had an uproar with the congresswoman from the QAnon First District.

“I made fun of her because she used the expression ‘My body, my choice’ when she mentioned not wanting to wear a mask, which is of course an expression used by the community. pro-choice, ”Molly said. “So maybe I suggested that she could also be pro-choice, which made her angry because even though she won’t be wearing a mask, she doesn’t want anyone to control her own uterus.

Rick said Greene would continue to woo the vote of conspiracy theorists who believed President Trump had traveled to Washington to fight an elite pedophile cabal, even though he was now on the cusp of getting out of it. . “This is shit for the fools. And that’s why she’s going to flirt with Q and all that other bullshit.

Rick also said he followed another Twitterstorm this week, because of the blossoming friendship between Trump’s forgotten child, Tiffany, and fellow marginal Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz. “It will someday make grace, the pages of TMZ, and maybe even be the subject of a Netflix show called ‘The Orange Crown’.”

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