My uncle was jailed because of Joe Biden’s tough votes. Here is what I think of his apologies.

There is a saying about accepting apologies that may never come to find peace. I did it, accepting long ago invisible excuses, from old boyfriends, old friends who wronged me – and the politicians responsible for the infamous 1994 Crime Bill and laws. on the crime that preceded it.

Specifically, I had accepted this non-existent apology from Joe Biden, the author of the bill signed by President Bill Clinton that led to the life sentence of my favorite uncle.

I knew that Biden, who boasted when he was running for president in 2007 about the “Biden Crime Bill”, expressed regret more recently about the impact of the bill on mass incarceration. and his 1980s votes for harsh mandatory drug sentences. I also knew he was vice president under the Obama administration – the same administration that commuted my uncle’s sentence in January 2017, weeks before Donald Trump was sworn in as president. This means that instead of life imprisonment, he will be eligible for early release in January 2022, after 17 years in prison.

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