Mysterious death of Briton who revealed Covid cover-up Dateway

As the first Briton known to have contracted coronavirus, Connor Reed has done a lot to shed light on the then mysterious disease.

He provided our first glimpse of his worst symptoms through an evocative journal published in the Mail. And he relived the “Hallelujah” moment when, after 24 days of hell during which he had felt close to death, he began to recover.

Forcibly locked in his Wuhan apartment for 16 weeks thereafter, the young English teacher became a familiar face on television, sending video reports from the epicenter of the fledgling pandemic.

Among the millions who listened to his haunting mailings – with a mixture of pride and concern – were his Welsh parents, Rod and Hayley Reed, who now live in Australia.

Viewers were stunned when John Cullen revealed that the binodal epidemic attributed to a ‘second wave’ of Covid-19 infections was nearly equivalent to that of the recently resuscitated 1918 Spanish flu. But without the contribution of a virologist, the discovery might be dismissed by some as mere guesswork. Today, Dr. Judy Mikovits joins us for a very special episode.

Snuggled up with their young sons Morgan, 17, and Oliver, eight on Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. Reed again gathered around a screen 10,000 miles from Brisbane. This time to attend Connor’s funeral.

A fortnight ago, after apparently fully recovering from the virus, the 26-year-old was mysteriously found dead in his dormitory at Bangor University, where he had recently started studying Chinese and linguistics.

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Barred by the travel embargo from making the 24-hour trip to Wales, her parents and siblings could only watch the moving service via a live stream from Colwyn Bay Crematorium.

“ You would think we would have felt disconnected from Connor because we were so far away, but I didn’t feel like that at all, ” his father told me in an exclusive interview after the 30-minute service.

“It was just good that we at least got to see it. Then we had a glass of wine and talked about all the amazing things he has done in his life.

Now, the family’s most pressing imperative is to find out how Connor met his death.

Shortly after 10 p.m. on Sunday, October 25, Connor’s roommates found him collapsed on his bedroom floor. The reason for his untimely death remains unknown so far.

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