National Guard stay in Washington for Trump impeachment trial .

National Guard troops are to be maintained in Washington DC until mid-, according to a Politico report, with sources claiming soldiers will stay until the Democrats’ second impeachment attempt of President Trump is finished.

The report claims that 7,000 troops will remain until the trial begins in February, after which 5,000 will remain until he condols, which will likely be six weeks later.

According to the report, the official justification for keeping troops around Capitol Hill is “security concerns of impeachment.”

However, the guard received virtually no information on what to do, with one soldier describing the as “highly unusual for any military mission”.

As reported last week, thousands of soldiers were forced to sleep OUTSIDE and in a garage near the Capitol building after a Democratic lawmaker complained that ONE guards weren’t wearing no face mask.

Even though they were eventually sent back to the Capitol building, thousands of soldiers sleep on the hard, cold floor between shifts.

Owen exposes the reality of those in the National Guard and how they handle the tyrannical mandates of the Biden administration.

The troops are not happy to be kept in tight containment, with hundreds of them having contracted COVID-19. Food is also scarce, according to the troops.

“Even though they all arrive on time, the calories just aren’t there for the amount of work do and the time spend standing, in the cold, at full speed,” said one soldier.

Another soldier criticized the shameful conditions they are forced to live in, saying, “Frankly, this is not a ‘combat zone’ so the combat conditions should not apply.”

Republicans accused Democrats of using the troops as a support for the “security theater.”

Appearing on Fox News Friday, Ron DeSantis of Florida said, “These are soldiers, not Nancy Pelosi’s minions.

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