Navy SEAL to plead guilty to killing Green Beret Logan Melgar

The Navy SEAL who admitted to suffocating a special forces soldier to death in 2017 has agreed to plead guilty, according to his lawyer.

Tony DeDolph Chief Petty Officer was formally charged with another SEAL and two Special Operations Marines in November 2018 for murder, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, burglary, hazing and manslaughter in the strangling death of Staff Sgt. army. Logan Melgar, a special forces soldier assigned to 3rd Special Forces Group.

Sources close to the plea deal say DeDolph will plead guilty Jan. 14 to manslaughter, obstruction of justice and hazing. The prosecution will dismiss the murder and robbery in exchange for the guilty plea. Sources claim DeDolph also agreed to a provision that prevents him from profiting from the case in any way, including writing books or making a living based on his experience with SEAL Team. 6.

“This agreement will end the disputed charges, allowing the SOC [Special Operations Chief] DeDolph to accept responsibility for these breaches, he can and will alleviate most concerns about the classified documents present in the case, ”Phil Stackhouse, civil counsel for DeDolph, said in a statement. “We believe that what a person’s actions are aimed at is eminently important and the agreement acknowledges that SOC DeDolph never intended to hurt Logan Melgar, but also recognizes the fact that Melgar died as a result of ‘acts that tragically went wrong on June 4, 2017. “

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