Nearly 50,000 voters receive bad ballots in Ohio – Dateway

Just under 50,000 Ohio voters received incorrect absent ballots, according to an announcement made by election officials on Friday.

According to Franklin County, 49,669 out of 237,498 voters – or just over 20%, received ballots that contained an incorrect congressional race. Others had the correct information but were inadvertently mailed to voters in the wrong constituency, according to Politico.

The process of printing, filling the replacement ballots into envelopes and mailing them was underway on Friday, the Franklin County Election Commission said.

The council also said it will send postcards to all affected voters detailing the situation and highlighting voters’ options for the future. These options include voting in person at council offices on the north side of town.

The election commission said several controls were in place to ensure that only one voter could vote, including the rejection of any replacement ballots if someone went ahead and voted in person. -Politics

President Trump took to Twitter to denounce the errors, suggesting it was a “rigged election !!!”

Meanwhile, Ohio’s chief electoral officer on Tuesday announced that the state’s 88 electoral councils had a record number of requests for postal votes – 2,154,235 compared to 1,091,188 in 2016.

Harrison Smith presents the latest news on election fraud in Ohio.

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