Neoliberalism is based on “total moral degeneration” – Dateway

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad delivered a speech in which he criticized neoliberalism as being based on “total moral degeneration” and representing the enemy of humanity.

Assad made the comments during a recent address at a mosque.

“Neoliberalism is based on the promotion of total moral degeneration and the separation of individuals from all principles or values ​​and affiliations and beliefs in order to achieve this moral degeneration,” said the Syrian leader.

He then criticized the legalization of same-sex marriage and questioned why same-sex parents were allowed to adopt children.

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Assad went on to criticize neoliberalism for setting the precedent that a child can choose their own religion when they become an adult and are not born into their family’s religion.

“It is against human nature,” Assad said, adding: “Since humans created their own idols and gods, a child would instinctively belong to his family’s religion – they contradict humanity itself. . “

After claiming that the push to legalize drugs was part of this trend of moral degeneration, Assad then turned to the genre.

“Neoliberalism now claims that a child is born and has no sex – the child later chooses to be male or female – very strange indeed!”

Assad concluded by saying: β€œNeoliberalism targets our humanity and in doing so it collides with religions because religions serve humanity while neoliberalism separates individuals from their values.



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